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Cross Flow Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

For various capacity requirements of cooling towers based on application, industry, and capacity from KEN COOLING TOWERS.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower is Water flowing through the fill media, which increases the contact surface, as well as the contact time between air and water for better heat transfer. Counter flow towers may serve better in tight spaces under 750 tons, or in spaces where lower operating weight is required. the hot and the cold fluids move parallel to each other and both enter the heat exchanger at the same end of the heat exchanger and both fluids flow towards the same direction. In cross-flow heat exchangers, the two fluids usually move perpendicular to each other.


Cross Flow Cooling Tower from Ken Cooling Towers as we designed for customized and standard requirements of industries


Industries will accept the Cross Flow Cooling Tower like heavy industrial, chemical, gas & oil, and food industries.


Food and Oil, Dairy production, and petrochemical are the application using the cooling tower to stay their exact temperature 

Images of Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Experience the new technology cooling towers looks like from Ken Cooling Towers

Advantages of Cross Flow Cooling Towers from Ken Cooling Towers

Design has meets industries requirement that works for low maintenance cost-effect, also ensure that high efficiency at performance.

Ideally, cold water temperature will be equal to the wet-bulb temperature which is practically impossible to achieve. Hence, cooling tower efficiency will be in between 70 to 75%.

Easy access and simple installation of cooling towers like internal components and external parts replacements.

Ken Cooling Towers support always deliver the exact need of the application also we assemble the cooling towers in short time.


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